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More coming Soon! …Actually there is lots of info about THE SYSTEM on the other parts of the site.


  1. Is there a possible release date for the new system music. We are really waiting for this. 11 years and counting. Please let me know. Thank you.

  2. Peace David..

    Was wondering if the system was planning or open to any performance dates? I work with alot of classic old school R&B and Hip Hop acts with artist bookings across the country.. I would love to present any future oppts if possible. One of my clients asked about a Loose Ends, Soul II Soul & The System show here in NYC..

    let me know who i would need to contact to submit any inquiries.. Thanks


    Suntoucher Entertainment LLC

  3. Hi, Dave. Could you please tell us whether you’re releasing this new album the ‘Indie’ way or through a major label?

    Also, any other System-alumni involved on the new project, other than Jimmy Douglass? Such as Paul Pesco, BJ, Cindy Mizelle & other Science Lab Crew etc? Many thanks

  4. Thanks so much for the info. I have followed you and Mic faithfully for over 20 years and when I listen to the music it still effects me as if I heard it for the first time. I never knew how beautiful music could be until I heard you and Mic do it. I am forever a system fan and you and Mic are like my family.

  5. Thanks so much. I forwarded your comment to Mic

  6. Hi David, Today I play the complete lot of The System on Youtube. Great news a new CD is coming ! Can’t wait……. Great fan eversince the 80’s. Awesome keyboard work 🙂 Thanks, Ruud Voest, the Netherlands / Europe

  7. David,

    I echo Darrin’s comment! Thierno (above) and I are always talking about The System when we can. It’s 2012…will there be an interview where u talk about the technical side of the compositions for the new release? Logic, the softsynths, NI, etc? Are you using any hardware synth on the new release??

    “I like the syncopation of the groove…”


    • Yes. There will be. Thank you for reminding me of that line from ‘It’s Passion”!! I have used the Minimoog on a few things to double the bass. Also Nord rack,Ob8 and some Motif ES and SX. The rest has been Software. Lot’s of great sounds (i hope you agree!). I’ll review it all soon.

  8. Hello David – great to hear a new album coming out! I have followed you from your very first album. I also love much of the work you did with other artists like Angela Bofill, Evelyn King, Pauli Carman and Jeff Lorber. Will you be touring?

  9. What’s up David? i wanted to come thru and say that i’m a fan of “The System”. I have a vinyl copy of the “Rhythm and Romance” album in my library. Great album, i enjoyed it. Mic Murphy is a great singer and David i enjoyed your music playing on that album. I can’t seem to find the other System albums in the record stores but i’ll keep checkin’ around. Anyway i just read that a new System album is comin’ out for 2012. Can’t wait to get a copy and check out your new sounds. Music has come a long way, especially with all this music technology that’s out today. And lastly i remember you and Mic’s performance on Soul Train, great memories. Keep the music comin’ David.

  10. hello david,
    any update on release date of “system overload” ? can you give
    any details on synths used, song titles, production techniques etc
    looking forward to this album!

  11. This is a message from Ozzie J , in London, England, near Wembley Stadium been a big fan of your music for years. Will you be bringing out a music dvd to go with the album, just asking because some music videos in England we have never seen. Wishing you and Mic the best of luck with the album.
    Good to see you back and cant wait to hear the new material.

  12. Hi David,
    I was performing in the 80’s with a cover group and we usually replicated the sounds that we heard from the songs and we covered ‘Don’t Disturb This Groove’. I used 3 Emulator II HD’s and pretty much got the bass sound with a MiniMoog waveform on one of them but was never able to get that Fairlight, FM, rich sounding keyboard sound. The closest I ever got was with 2 Oberheim Xpanders midi’ed together. Close but still not exact. I finally used a TX-816 with 8 TF-1’s installed and got an FM sound that was big (actually too big) but still didn’t capture that sound.

    You would think that with over $30,000 in keyboards on the stage I would have been able to make any sound imagineable, but not entirely true.

    It’s a very haunting sound and really gives the character to that groove. If you don’t mind saying, was it the same keyboard droning the chord in the first part as the high notes coming down from the upper register?

    Spent the last 2 decades touring but I never got to play the 80’s music sounds and now want to explore that again.

    25 years later, now spending more time in the studio than on the road, I am still trying to get that one airy atmosphere type sound. That original band is reforming for a few benefits and I think I’ll try again (lol) to get a sound to do ‘Don’t Disturb This Groove”.

    I swear if I had that chord as a sample I would put it on a sampler and play one key to trigger it lol.

    Jim Stafford

    • Hi Jim, It was A PPG wave 2.3 playing the chords and TX rack(4 dx7’s) playing the descending bell line. DX1(which is just 2 dx7’s in one keyboard) played the main Clavinet part.

      • Great. Thanks for the reply. I had a Wave 2.2 but didn’t have the Waveterm which I believe was required to do the sampling and edits. It was a bit fragile for live work and I wound up fixing it about every time I took it out. (not really a live gig keyboard lol) Paid 5,000 in ’84 or ’85 and sold it in ’87 for 3,000. wish I had it now. (still have the 3 EII’s though. I think these were like 10,000 or 11,000 and now worth a fraction… but that’s how it goes I guess)

        That particular song (Don’t Disturb This Groove) ranks with the best songs of all times in my book and I really consider it to be a work of genius in capturing an emotion with the sounds and syncopation. Everyone has a favorite. I’ll bet many rate this work very high.

        I have worked with a lot of artists and live performers including the group that spawned Kenny Edmonds (BabyFace) and feel at least somewhat qualified to be able to appreciate what you do.

        I have followed your career and I have the same influences in my list as you have listed on your site with an addition. I add YOUR name to my list. You have an amazing talent.

        Jim Stafford

        • What can I say Jim except Thank you. I’ve worked really hard to try to connect emotions to music and continue to love new (and old) music and learn new techniques ….and still take piano lessons!! Looking forward to meeting you one day. David

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  14. Hi David

    I’m Laura’s neighbor (Taylor Hawkins) brotther in law. We met at his house a couple times. We live in San Diego. Just saw Laura and Bob as we stayed with Taylor over the holiday weekend. Just wanted to say hi and congrats on the new album. (long overdue) I’ll be looking forward to you guys comming to S.D. or L.A.

    All the Best!


  15. David, fascinating conversation you’re having with Jim Stafford. I like the details on the production side of things. Could you please share with us what the Synclavier added to your sound/ production arsenal that you think was lacking before? It’s credited as being used on the DDTG LP, and with thanks to Jimmy Douglass… And, did you use it ever again on any subsequent projects, either on System-stuff or outside production?

    Many thanks for being so responsive to your fans/ admirers.

  16. David!!!! Wow. Mic & you have done it again. That new song, Motha, is unbelievable. Thank you. Well worth the wait. I can’t wait for the full album.

  17. Hello, David. You know we are going to bug you with questions such as “What did u use for this…?”, “what did u use for that…?” on ‘Motha Ungh Ungh’. So, brace yourself…ha. It’s a phenomenal tune, on all counts, vocals, sounds etc… Well done. Thanks

  18. Im a huge fan what’s the latest can’t find overload out here….hook me up…

  19. Dear David,

    One things for sure, I am a big fan of The System and 80’s music.

    Back in the 80’s when I was a kid we played the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack on cassette in our car, and as a consequence me and my brothers were being exposed to you and Mic’s music with the hit “Rock N Roll Me Again”.

    Thanks to the internets, about a decade ago I rediscovered you guys through the hit “Don’t Disturb This Groove”.

    More recently I delved deeper into The System’s digital archives and am now a huge fan of deeper cuts from the album “Don’t Disturb This Groove”, such as “Come As You Are” and “Soul Boy”, and also the album “Pleasure Seekers”, with songs such as “It Takes 2”, “Big City Beat” and “Love Won’t Wait for Lovin'”. The song “Windows of the World” from Mic Murphy’s “solo” album is great too.

    I certainly enjoy listening to 12″ extended mixes of my favourite songs and I’ve searched high and low for longer mixes of all of the above mentioned songs without any luck! I know you’re busy mixing the tracks for the new album, “System Overloard”. The reason I am writing on your blog is to request if would you be so kind as to create 12″ mixes for these tracks? Better yet, complete remastered albums with extended mixes would be ideal for us System fans instead!



    P.S. Like many of the posters here, I’m excited to hear more from the upcoming album “System Overload” thanks to the new songs “Motha’ Ungh Ungh”, “The Toast” and “System Overload”. I just downloaded all 3 tracks from the iTunes store. One thing’s for sure, they sound like they fit well into the System cannon, keep it up!

  20. David:

    Really diggin’ the new CD, System Overload. The title track and Tug O War are constantly on in my car. Hope you and Mic can hit the road and come to LA.

    – JD

  21. Dave, those drums on Didn’t I Blow your mind this time – Is that the DMX? it sounds huge!!!!

    • did Tom Lord Alge mix the whole album “Don’t disturb this groove”? or just the single? can’t find any credits on discogs – man what a supreme piece of work you guys made on that record!!

    • Wow…I think it was originally….but John Patoker added a lot as did Jimmy Douglas (who did a great rough mix of it….hmm where is that..) who was the recording engineer and more really. Between Jimmy,Tom and John we had a great engineering/mixing team. and we did the vocals with Jorge Estaban over at Intergalactic Studios. A great time and really hard work..David

  22. Loving the new music David…my favourite song is No Fear Of Flying, classic System!!

  23. Great CD, David…Kudos to u and Mic for keep the ESP alive.

  24. I was in The System Heaven Today. Started out with Sweat, X-Periment, The Pleasure Seeker, Don’t Disturb This Groove & Rhythm and Romance. All on My Sharp GF-777. And I am Loving System Overload

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