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Studio Tour


Here is a tour of my studio along with some commentary about my gear:


  1. Wow!! Thanks for being so open with your studio tour! I’ve listened to your music productions for decades and it has played a major influence in what i do today! Always heard and felt what you have going on in your productions which I think is lacking in a lot of musics today!

  2. Thanks so much for the tour. I’ve been listening to your productions from The System recently. It’s one of the reasons why I bought all of the System’s albums on CD. I would like to have a music studio like yours. It’s amazing that the productions from you and other producers who were ahead of their time have a lot going on creating timeless classics, which the news cats are lacking in today’s music industry.

  3. Dear David, thanks for showing your (very nice) casa! Angela Bofill’s “Can’t Slow Down” still gives me goose skin and a energy flash! Your old stuff is still fresh, open en enjoyable. You are the Mondriaan of music. Any chance for a reunion tour?

    Greetings from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  4. Hi David,
    Ive Been listening to all your system albums again!
    Looking forward to the new album.
    I,m not sure if your familiar with a internet show called pensados-place, its all about producing music. I’m sure everyone would appreciate having you as a guest on there. check them out.


  5. David…

    Thanks so much for the tour! Great stuff! You’ve been a major influence since Sweat….major influence. Got your message about the scanned articles. Will send them soon.


  6. Dear Dave,
    I was asking myself, as I was entering your website, what would your studio look like this days, and yes it was very much what I espected to find. Thanks for the tour…(nice piano)



  7. thanks so much for the tour,you and mic have been with my thoughts not ever to be forgotten for being two splendidly good artists for so many years,providing such a fresh and soulful talent and have worked with such greats, robert palmer for one and i can hardly wait for the new system’s cd,seeing the tour only makes me appreciate all the work that goes into each track,thanks much

  8. Hi David,

    I use to live in Jersey for 13 years. I lived 20 minutes from the City. I know you dont miss the cold, but I’m sure you miss the energy of NYC. I use to live in Ventura County, and Near the LA airport as well as Anehiem, CA. I sill have my PPG 2.2/2.3, waveterm, linn 9000, ob8, dx-1, dx-7 mini moogs. Still would like to get a oscar and matrix 12. Just sold a JP8. A friend of mine mention Synclavier tryed to get you to buy into there system but no didnt go for it. I did meet a guy in Jersey that said he use to be your manager and that he had a minimoog of yours. Can’t remember his name. One day Id like to rap to you further about things and see what business your doing on the music side these days. I myself am doing a lot of contract IT things these days.

  9. Its amazing how much people like DF underestimate their influence, I was watching every move and listening to every word you said.
    How about a 2012 update, and where was the DMX? God has already blessed you DF.

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