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The System on my friend Priya’s Volt xm radio


The System playing on Priya's Volt XM radio


  1. HAHAHAHA! Awesome!

    About 2 years ago, I was with my mom and my stepdad in a BMV traveling to Farmville, Virginia to see my grandma. While we we’re going through Maryland, your song “Don’t Disturb this groove” was playing – uncut with no radio edits on Sirius XM. During the 4 day trip, the visit was amazing. On the third day, I was with my mom at Long John Silver’s that is less than a minute away from my grandma’s house. While ordering food, the song played again on the radio.

    Thinking about that now is making me laugh my butt off. 😉 True Story.

  2. David, how do you feel when you hear your music on the radio, especially when it’s the older stuff? Whose idea was that guitar riff intro on DDTG?


    • I admit it feels awesome to hear your own song on the radio. I’m grateful every time. The guitar riff idea was Paul Pesco’s and Mic Murphy’s. maybe Jimmie Douglas was in on it too. I was sitting there!! 🙂 but it was their idea. David

  3. Is that a car’s dashboard?

    You Americans are surely weird.


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