David Frank

music production

Claude Debussy


Music is a free art. Out in the open air, as free as the sky the wind and the sea.
quote from Claude Debussy

Feel free to take from the eons of the history of art and music your inspiration.  Make up your own ideas from the ideas of the past of your own choosing that inspired you; Debussy’s obsession was Chopin’s music, Chopin loved Bach’s music. Coltrane learned Charlie Parker’s every note. Sly begat Earth wind and Fire turned into 80s electro to EDM. Hendrix to Led Zeppelin to….well you get the point . They all used their love of others music as a foundation for their own art, blending the times that they lived and their own peculiar neuronically induced impressions, tapestry or recipe blend of past present and future (and not necessarily in that order) into an artistic world of imagination that is nevertheless as real as current reality itself and quite certainly in the long run inherently more important.
If you do this you have the chance of making something truly great. If you  cultivate the optimism and feel the love of the music itself you can dream the dream that Claude Debussy dreamt of moving music’s boundaries forward and towards a horizon that keeps changing and expanding but is good and is floating almost irresistibly towards a future in which mankind’s universe becomes closer to being a work of art.

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