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Namm,Diva Synth, Florida to Finish the new System Album


I going to the NAMM show this morning. Let me know if you will be there. So much gear and software packed in one place! On tuesday I’m going to Miami to work with MIC MURPHY and the one and only JIMMY DOUGLAS to with hopes to finish THE SYSTEM album. Finally!
I’m really having fun with the new Softsynth by U-he. It’s called “DIva”. Sounds bigger than any other. Don’t be afraid to put it in ‘Fast” mode. It still sounds good and uses way less CPU.


  1. Hey David:

    Glad to see that the System recorded a new CD. You guys have always been one of my favorite groups and I feel one of the most UNDERRATED. I was able to listen to your album Unrealeased Unleashed and I believe that Strictly Bedroom would have been another BIG hit for you guys. I’m happy to see that you guys are still recording. BE BLESSED and excited about the new CD.

  2. Hi Dave. Was just checking the site for System updates… Wow, pleasantly surprised that the project is nearing completion. Jimmy Douglas, huh? So, we are gonna have a bit of Don’t Disturb This Groove LP vibe… What a relish. Either way, I look forward to the new album.


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