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Minimoog Book, Legendary Masters of the Piano (actual Hi Fidelity performances by Debussy , Saint Saen, Mahler and others


I was interviewed last week by Jo Silva for a book he is writing for Moog Music about the MINIMOOG. The MiniMoog was my main source for Bass sounds in the 80’s on System songs such as Don’t Disturb This Groove, You’re in My System, The Pleasureseekers. Also on other songs I worked on: Chaka Khan’s I Feel for You, Phil Collins Susudio to name a few. ¬†Used it for many worm lines and such in the 90’s as well.(check out my work with Omar (RCA),98 Degrees The Hardest Thing, Genie in a Bottle Christina Aguilera. It continues to be prominently displayed and often used in my studio.
On another note. In the early 1900’s there was a mechanical device called The Velte Vorsetzer that could record and play back and capture the nuanced touch and interpretations of the pianist of the day. There are ACTUAL performances that have reasonable 1960’s Hi fidelity sound by Debussy,Hofman,Ravel,Paderewski,Grieg,Faure, d’Albert,Saint Saen,Leschetizky,Scriabin,Richard Strauss,Mahler and more. The interpretations sometimes seem strange by our standards today. As Glenn Gould says in the album notes….
“Rewarding…and also disturbing because many of these performances are hard to reconcile with the architectural notions which our generation prize most highly(1963!!). Consequently, whether one is being astounded by the extraordinary virtuosity…or occasionally baffled by the whimsical nature of the interpretive ideas, and one is even led to ask fundamental questions about the nature of stylistic concept as viewed by the performer.”
Look up “Legendary Masters of the Piano”. SOOO interesting and beautiful if you have an interest in classical piano.


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