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Finishing touches on the System album


Just now putting the finishing touches on the Album “System Overload”. Finishing the arrangement for “Your love is a Motha” We are going for a march 1st finish line.

When we were down working with Jimmy Douglas I had an introduction to Ableton Live. It looked like fun! Gotta stick with Logic and Maschine for now though. I’m really liking the Diva softsynth by U-he. Check it out. It sounds fine in the “fast” accuracy setting so don’t be afraid of it using up too much processor power. Congrads Skrillex. You are a creative guy! An inventor ! The interview in “Electronic Musician Mag” shines.



  1. Hey David-

    What were you using for the bass on “Don’t Disturb This Groove”? It always sounded like a dx7 doubled with maybe a minimoog.. or Prophet. Also, are the bell sounds that appear here and there in the song also dx7? I remember those days like they were yesterday! Your work was very interesting to me as I had also bought the first Oberheim “system” stuff and then on to Dr T stuff (haha!), Mastertracks Pro, 2 dx7s, Tx7 (too much fm!) and even a little Mirage. Do you ever use NI’s FM8 nowadays as part of Maschine? So sorry for all the questions!

    • The Bass is pure minimoog. the Bells were from a TX rack,which is the same as Dx7s. I do sometimes use FM8 but usually as a seperate plugin in Logic. No problem with the questions. Ask as many as you would like. Thanks so much, David

  2. I know you and Mic have been working on the new album really hard. Keep it up! Let us fans know when’s the release date. 😉

    —-Cecelia the MusicBox

    • Hi Cecelia,We are trying to finish up as fast as possible. All songs are done but not for sure final mixes.Almost there. Sorry to keep you waiting. We want to make it worth it. David

  3. David,

    Can’t wait for the new CD. I’m listening to the SoulInterviews interview you did with DJ Souly as I type this. From the Facebook posts and a YouTube vid, I see Mr. Mig is involved with producing? Very excited about the new release? Thanks for bringing back a much need soul injection to R&B. I’ve toyed with Ableton a wee bit, but Logic is my love. Kudos, bruh…and thanks for keeping us abreast of the tech side of how u make music. I love it!

  4. Hi David,

    Take your time and do the album right. We will definitely wait – we know what you and Mic can do. On another note – was Sweat (the album) ever issued on CD? It would also be great if you could do a System compilation, including songs that you did with other artists like Evelyn King, Chaka and Jeff Lorder (with Gavin Christopher on lead vocal).

  5. I’m a major fan of the system. Every since 1981 I always admire your music. I wonder when the new album system overload will be available?

  6. I’m a huge fan of u guys. I wonder when will the new system album system overload will be available? Also when will the next tour date to Texas be scheduled?

  7. Hi David,

    Any news on the new album ? Any release date yet ?

    I have to say your Minimoog bass sounds and basslines are the best in the business ! The first System album I heard was the Xperiment album back in the 80’s, and those basslines and bass sounds blew me away. I just had to find out what you were using. I eventually found out it was a Minimoog. It took me a couple of years to track one down and eventually got one (there wasn’t many Minimoog’s for sale back in the 80’s).

    Anyway, all your following albums had the ‘classic’ David Frank Minimoog bass sounds that I love and over the years I’ve always wondered how you recorded them.

    What is your favourite Minimoog bass patch/setup ?
    Do you use 1,2 or 3 Oscillators ?
    What osc. waveforms do you tend to use ?
    Do you record it in mono ?
    Do you use any compression ?
    Do you use any chorus ?

    Sorry for all the questions but I’ve always wanted to know over the years :o) Thanks to your website I can finally ask you.

    Any info you could share would be very much appreciated.

    I wish you well with the new album and look forward to many more in the future.

    Keep on Funkin’ !

    All the best,

    • Hi Steve,
      We are working like crazy to finish mixing. We are hoping to finish in the next couple days.
      The Minimoog is so great for so many things but let’s concentrate on bass. I usually use all 3 oscillators. Often osc 1 an octave below the other 2.The top 2 might be detuned . Every now and then I’ve used triple octaves I tend to use the sawtooth wave a little more than the others but I do use the others too. it’s really a matter of messing around with the balances and the filter contour, cutoff, decay time etc.
      Mono only but I have double tracked the parts and used a different tone on one track than the other. For instance on Phil Collins song Sussudio where we used an unfiltered type sound with lots of bottom on one track and a very oww type sound with lots of filter emphasis on the other.
      On Omar’s albums we would do many tracks of minimoog in which case it would be possible to do a stereo spread. Yes compression some of the time. I have never used a chorus FX on a minimoog part.
      Hope that answers a few of your questions. Feel free to ask more. Thank you!! David

      • Hi David,

        Thanks for the info !

        Here’s some more question’s for ya !

        The bass sound on Scritti Politti’s – Wood Beez, was that a 3 osc. patch ? What was the minimoog setup on that ? Did David Gamson have any input on that bass sound ?

        What was the minimoog setup for the bass sound on “Save Me” ? How did you get it so punchy and full ? That is a very cool bass sound.
        Sounds very similar to the bass sound you got on ‘Takeshi ITOH COWBELL’. Although there seemed to be more detune movement in the bass on ‘cowbell’ and a bit more spikey attack. I remember reading an interview with David Gamson, were he said that it was very important to get the initial click just right at the start of the bass sound so it cuts through the mix and enhances the punch of the bass sound. He tends to do this by combining a Yamaha DX for the click element and the minimoog. Do you ever use this method ?

        When mixing do you pan the bass dead center in the stereo field ?

        Do you add reverb to you bass parts or just keep them dry as possible ?

        Many thanks,


        • Most probable Wood Beez was 3 oscillators…I’m going to listen to Save Me and try to recall. I was using a DX7 for the initial click of Bass sounds some of the time when it felt right. I have the bass center unless it’s a stereo sound. Back then we did occasionally add reverb but not often…I think The System second album xperiment, mixed by Michael Brauer may have had delay or reverb on the bass on some songs. Watch the Cowbell video sometime. Thanks, David

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