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Recording Studio Topanga Ca – Vintage Keys,Synths


We are now renting Canyon Reverb Studio on a limited basis. It has a variety of vintage Keys and Synths as well as a pristine Steinway 9 foot concert grand. Vocal and instrumental recording gear includes a Telefunken 251 and other Neumann mics and Chandler/Neve/Avalon outboard. Fully outfitted with software synths,plugins and recording programs including Logic, Ableton and Protools. Contact info: rgvd @earthlink.net


  1. Hi David, I’m a long-time fan. I just noticed your new blog and immediately signed up to the RSS feed. I’m looking forward to the new System album!

    Could you do a blog post on programming your Minimoog? You’re probably the world’s expert on programming Minimoog bass sounds. I’d love to hear your tips for bass sounds like “Don’t Disturb This Groove” and “Save Me.”

    They’re simple sounds but the devil is in the details. Resonance? 2 osc or 3? In octaves or unison? Same level or or different levels? Fastest filter attack? Any VCA envelope or keep it linear? I usually put 1&2 unison, with 1 louder than 2, then 3 up an octave at a slightly lower level. Any tips you could give would be golden.

    Looking forward to more great music from you.

    • I will try to do that in the near future. I have to say that it is not an exact science. 2 oscillators in unison detuned and the 3rd osc one octave up works well filter resonance, cutoff frequency and amount are soooo variable…more coming. David

  2. Hi David, your so right most of the time its how the sounds compliment each other more than the individual sounds, but choosing the right sounds seems to be an art in it self. I’m more than interested in how you processed your DMX eq, comp etc it always sounded so punchy?
    From an appreciator of your art.

    • It was probably just the tape. Try a few tape simulator plugins and let me know which you like best. I’d be interested to know. We did have excellent engineers that really knew there outboard so they may have been using DBX 160x compressors or other spice on the outputs of the DMX before going to tape. And thank you!!

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