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Electroponically Growing Funkstep in an Electric Car


Today I went on a field trip in the Volt to find some of the last bits of  inspiration for our new album ‘System Overload”. I know it’s taken a long time but it’s coming soon…some pictures..Don’t do this while driving!! .http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-System-Fan-Page/165063106875907


  1. That is one fly electric car! Nice!

  2. Mr Frank,

    Love the new music! “Motha ungh ungh” Is fantastic.
    Any word on the release date?


    • Thank You!!! I’m so happy you like it! Just finishing mixing the rest of the album. Should be soon. Like us on our Facebook The System Fan Page if you could. The songs are on itunes/Amazon/cd baby in a couple days. Thanks Troy

  3. Dave- I want to thank you and Mic for taking time to come back. I have followed the group since Sweat. The new music is special. I love both Motha and the Toast. I still feel that you guys are one of the most underrated groups ever. Mic sounds great on the vocals and the production is awesome. I hope you are touring. Looking forward for great things for The System. Take care


  4. David, I am without words…so psyched for the new cd. Love the new songs but then again there is nothing that you guys have ever sung, wrote, produced, etc. that i’ve never not liked. Met you in Manhattan right after the Xperiment cd, talked about a couple of tunes on the cd…till this day one of the coolest moments of my life. Best wishes…The System forever.

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