David Frank

music production

American Airlines Music Programmer(s)-My Hero(s) !!!


Leave it to American Airlines to reopen my mind and/or introduce me to new “Old” music: ch1-Mozart ein kleine nacht-Debussy -La Fille au Cheveaux de Lin ch2 Ben Webster Stardust, Tal Farlow Autumn in New York ch3-Captain Beefheart-Flower Pot (any one ever hear his album “Trout Mask Replica”?). ch4-Kelly Clarkson-Dark Side. Ch5-Angela Bofill-Tonight I Give In, from the past: Eric Benet-Harriet Jones, from the present (along with many other gems of R+B). Ch7-Didn’t hurt to hear I Feel For You by Chaka Khan (written by Prince..I like his new song!) and remember the synths and the parts and Arif Mardin, the producer. The person(s) that picked these tracks did a great job. Much appreciated!! They reminded me how good a performance and song, along with its production, have to be in order to become a classic and how even seemingly obscure artists/music can be classics in their genre forever. Wow so many styles. Not quite enough time for one person to be good at each of them….but ¬†collectively we can do it all.

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