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The System- Motha Ungh Ungh- Musical Influences

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#2 of a series of questions I was asked about our new song Motha Ungh Ungh. Please read the post below this for the 1st question.

What musical influences would you cite which led you to  its outcome?

Many musical influences led to the track of “Motha”. The chord progression from Teddy Pendergast’s song ‘Close The Door” comes to mind as a song that used a similar chord progression but there are many more engrained in the harmonic grid  of neurons in my head. Much Reggae music can be thought of in 1/2 time or double time and I think of Motha as being 43 BPM and 86 BPM at the same time. Imaginative sound programmers working with/for musical software and instrument companies have contributed so much and influenced me and so many others. For instance a sound like “Incoming” from NI maschine, which starts with a bending pitch and various modulations finally settling on a final pitch, when spread across a keyboard or pad controller, can spawn many compositional ideas.

As a song takes shape it is  influenced and shaped by its own components. It sometimes literally seems to shape itself. When Mic sends a lyric idea or when he sends me a lyric and melody  written to a track, that triggers new ideas for where to proceed with the song and it’s production.

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