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Motha Ungh Ungh question#3


3. could you point out some specific instances in this record where choice of sounds  impacted the musical product
The sound ‘Incoming” for Maschine was the starting point of this track. The ability to quickly hear samples at different pitches using the pads on a controller rather than the traditional keys of a 12 tone piano keyboard gave the idea for the intro and breakdown of Motha.¬†


  1. Hi David,
    Huuge huuge System fan here! Be so so grateful if you could send me an instrumental cut of “I Don’t Know How To Say” & “Soul To Soul” please please please.
    Thank you, and the new album is absolutely bangin’!!!

    • Wow! Thank You!! I’d like to send the instrumentals but I only have them on 1/2 tape. and no tape machine. Sorry! I was just listening to Rhythm and Romance album the other day.

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