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System Overload Album


Here we go. System Overload! Even with more powerful processors,more ram more efficient programs we still manage to achieve SYSTEM OVERLOAD.
And the “first single” is System Overload. So…harmonic analysis..Key of C minor (with a strong possibility that it might be in Fminor(dorian) or even Eb major) but it hangs out on those Ab and Bb chords which always hit me as funky lydian mode (in the key of Eb major…relative major to C minor of course. Mic’s vocal melody is what pins it to being C minor. The “Pre Chorus” changes key area to B major…it does that G# minor(relative minor of B) to G# major(or call it Ab major)( it’s parallel major) type thing that so many songs did…and might do again in the future. Only time will tell. I think of them as borrowed chords from the key a minor 3rd up or down. anyway… The Pre chorus and the Chorus use the chords E major7 F# major (which are the 4 and 5 chords in B major) going to G# major, 3 times and then E major7 F# major Db major Eb7(those being the 4 and 5 chords in the key of G#(or Ab) . The bridge is in the key of B IV VI min/3rd V7 of VI VI or E Abminor/B Eb7 Ab minor. The bridge ends on the Eb7 and the reintro, which is back in C minor, takes over, leading back into the out chorus’
In the System’s music now and in the past Mic glues the harmonic content together with his melodic sense: which always makes perfect melodic sense!
More Harmonic/Melodic analysis coming up.


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