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My Top NAMM 2013 picks


After seeing some other reviews of what was big at the NAMM show this year I thought I might make a list of some of the gear that I thought was worth mentioning. Of course this is from my personal perspective. Although I often work on my laptop without any external synths I still lust after external gear. I appreciate the sonic differences and performability of a musical instrument that is freed from the limitations of buffer/processor size latency and screen two dimensional touch-ability restrictions and use them when I am in my studio or, travel budget permitting, on stage.
Here’s my list:
1.Elektron Analog Four- Super sounding!
2.Schmidt Synthesizer- not available yet but sooo amazing..Quite expensive….quite
3.The Moog booth- that special Moog sound- Meeting Bernie Warrell
4. Sledge Synthesizer- look it up-sounds great-wish I was messing with one right now..
5.The lack of some of the bigger software companies was noticeable. I think that’s a mistake as there are many musicians who attend the show.. but…understandable if monetary profit is your perspective….i guess…
6. “Mariachi Divas” live stage show- I loved the singers, orchestra and orchestrations….and the fact that they exist and perform. Thank you!
7. Playing a Fazioli piano
8.interesting software-Izotope Iris, Air Vacuum Pro and Loom,SoniVox plugins-looking forward to trying the demos
9.Radikal Accelerator Synth-Wow
10. Cool Controllers- Novation,Keith McmMillen QuNeo and QuNexus, Livid
11.Apogee Thunderbridge-a symphony card in a box-connects your laptop (with thunderbolt port) to apogee interfaces. Yea!!

I’m sure I missed seeing great things or didn’t take proper note of others…or was just talking to friends when I should have been paying attention but anyway there’s my list.


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